“You are what you eat.”


Courtesy Pexels.com


Cooking has always been a large part of my existence. Life lessons and key memories have happened around the dinner table.

When I left home to go to college, I moved away from the cherished family dinners that were full of healthy choices. Instead, I scrounged through the frozen pizza at Jewel-Osco and ingested an undesirable amount of burritos. My poor eating habits added up on my bank account and on the scale!

Strangely enough, spending some time each day to prepare meals that I enjoy has reignited the food fire that my family set underneath me as a child.

Changing eating habits is better done with friends. Harboring this experience for myself seems selfish. Keep reading as I introduce my taste buds and you to my new favorite recipes. After every meal, the response to “you are what you eat” should be a positive one.

Follow my blog and join me on my journey as we recreate ourselves through the food that we eat.

UPDATED (03/09/17)

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